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Deborah Roberts

Deborah Roberts

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Deborah Roberts

Deborah Roberts (born September 20, 1960) is an American television journalist for the ABC News division of the ABC broadcast television network.

Early life and education

Roberts was born in Perry, Georgia, to Benjamin Roberts, a business owner, and Ruth Roberts, a housewife. She graduated from the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, with a Bachelor of Journalism in 1982.


In 1982, Roberts began her career at WTVM, a local television station in Columbus, Georgia, and then she moved on to work at WBIR, a local television station in Knoxville, Tennessee.
During 1987–1990, she served as bureau chief/NASA field reporter/weekend news co-anchor at WFTV, a local television station in Orlando, Florida. In 1990, she joined NBC News as a general-assignment reporter and later served as a correspondent for Dateline NBC, an NBC News newsmagazine program.

Roberts moved to ABC News in 1995 as a correspondent for 20/20, a newsmagazine program, and as a substitute anchor for World News Tonight Weekend,
the weekend evening news program, and Good Morning America, the morning news program. In July and September 2006, she was also a guest host on The View, a talk show produced by ABC Daytime, a division of ABC.
Roberts hosts Lifetime Live on Lifetime Television, a cable and satellite television channel.

Personal life

Roberts resides in Manhattan with her husband, Al Roker; they have a daughter and a son. Roberts has a stepdaughter from her husband's prior marriage.

"Bad Habits (in Lab)" (Parody of "Magic" by BoB featuring Rivers Cuomo)

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