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Jon Seda

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Jon Seda

Welcome to Jon Seda on vidsbook. Jon Seda internet tv. Jon Seda's the videos can be found on this page. Jon Seda's reviews you can watch videos and photos from .. You can follow a user called Jon Seda. Users can comment and follow Jon Seda as a friend ... The latest videos of Jon Seda news and updates...

Joe Mazzello On The Pacific

Not only were we given the chance to talk to the men who walked in the shoes of US marines Eugene Sledge, David Leckie and John Bassilone in HBO's epic miniseries, The Pacific, but we were asked to do it on the deck of HMS Belfast. 'Bonza' you might think and you'd be dead right, because when we weren't talking to the series' three leads about the unique demands of the $200m Spielberg/Hanks miniseries we were prowling the ship trying to make the guns work. It was a lot more fun than Dale Dye's bootcamp, we discovered... For more info. go to www.empireonline.com

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